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Stable Mat Calculator

How Many Stable Mats Will You Need?...

If you are considering purchasing mats for your stable(s), you're probably thinking "How many stable mats do I need?".

Use our simple stable mat calculator below to give you a guide as to how many 6ft x 4ft stable mats you will need for your stable. Also if you are unsure about which stable mats you actually need for your horse or stable, click the banner below to use our stable mat wizard.

Stable Mat Wizard


Other Common Questions

How thick should stable mats be?

The thickness of your stable mat will depend upon the type of mat you require and the size of your horse.

How to fit stable mats?

If you are looking to lay rubber stable mats yourself, you'll need to ensure you have a few simple tools handy as you will likely need to cut the mats to ensure they fit your stable snuggly. A link to our handy installation guide is available in the main menu above.

Which stable mats?

Our web page entitled which stable mats are right for me, will help answer this question.

What are the best stable mats?

Due to our quality, we think that we offer some of the best stable mats in the uk.

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