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Solid Rubber Floor Mats-Bubble Top

Solid Rubber Floor Mats-Bubble Top


We supply a variety of solid rubber stable matting, but the bubble top horse mats are the original mats that have been available for many years.


Our bubble top stable mats come in 6’ x 4’ (1.82mtr x 122 mtr) sheets and in a choice of 12 or 18mm thicknesses.


Our bubble top rubber stable mats are of the highest quality and are not comparable to cheaper rubber mats for stables that can be made from composite materials or low quality recycled rubber.Our heavy duty rubber stable mats can be installed on most stable floor surfaces including concrete, earth, compressed sand, bricks and cobbles. The heavy rubber mats bed down well on virtually any surface and their weight means that they stay put.

Solid Rubber Bubble Top Mats  


Our solid rubber mats are simple to fit however, it may take two people to lift them.


To fit and you will require the following number of mats depending upon the size of your stable:


  • · 5 mats/sets for a 12ft x 10ft (3.64m x 3.05m)
  • · 6 mats/sets for a 12ft x 12ft (3.64m x 3.64m)
  • · 7 mats/sets for a 14ft x 12ft (4.27m x 3.64m)
  • · 8 mats/sets for a 16ft x 12ft (4.88m x 3.64m)


For other sizes and specific quotes, please contact us.


 The bubble top rubber matting surface is anti-slip and the broad ridge underside allows for drainage.


Stable Rubber Matting is beneficial for both the horse and owner. Our solid horse mats are non-porous, easy to clean and are more comfortable than a typical concrete floor. It is important to use some bedding to absorb any wetness and for comfort, as these mats are solid rubber and quite hard. The customer can dramatically reduce the amount of bedding used and therefore save on expensive bedding & straw costs.


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