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EVA Stable floor matting

EVA Stable Floor Matting

So what are eva mats? Eva stable mats have become increasingly popular over the last few years for horse stable matting due to their ease of use and the superior comfort levels they give to horses.

We have a a large range of eva stable mats and designs and thicknesses, including interlocking eva stable mats. All our interlocking stable mats & straight edge horse stable mats are made from the highest grade EVA. 'Ethylene vinyl acetate' is a foam material which cannot collapse or go hard and has greater thermal insulation than most other rubber stable mats.

Our eva rubber stable mats that use this foam and rubber compound are much lighter, at approximately one fifth of the weight of traditional solid rubber stable mats. This makes them easy to fit and manageable to remove, clean and refit when required.

Eva stable mats for sale

Your horse is in mind when we manufacture our mats to make sure we offer a permanently soft and insulated stable floor so you can safely reduce bedding without compromising the comfort of your horse..

Our Straight Edged EVA mats come in a standard 6’ x 4’ (1.82 x 1.22 m) mat size and all have a raised bottom design to allow maximum drainage in all directions. Our Interlocking EVA Mats come in either a 2′ x 2′ (.61 x .61 m) or a 6’ x 4’ (1.82 x 1.22 m) mat size depending upon the mat.

We offer the following mat options to suit all possible customer requirements:

Comfort and Diamond EVA Mats

Our own branded Comfort Mat and Diamond EVA Mats have a bubble top or Diamond Top design offering increased cushioning.

Our Comfort Mats are available in 24mm, 34mm and 44mm thicknesses and our Diamond Mats are available in 26mm and 36mm. The thicker the mat you choose the greater the levels of insulation, comfort and luxury. Interlocking versions of the Comfort Mats are available in the 24mm and 34mm thicknesses and in the Diamond EVA Mats in the 26mm and 36mm.

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Our EasiMat stable mats have a tear drop top design, which offers a flatter and more compact top surface. They are slightly more expensive than the Comfort or Diamond EVA Mats (as they are not made by us), but still offer great value. Our EasiMats are available in 22mm and 34mm thicknesses. The average matting review is 5 stars from our clients.

We are sometimes asked "are eva mats any good?". The resounding answer to this is, YES.

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