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Easysweep EVA Diamond Mats

Easysweep EVA Diamond Mats

Our EVA Diamond mats are a great product with an Easysweep surface to make mucking out easier!

Our new eva Diamond mats are available in a convenient 4ft x 3ft size making handling a lot more manageable.
They are available in three thicknesses: 24mm, 34mm and 44mm straight edge design.

Our 24mm, 34mm and 44mm thickness mats offer maximum luxury for your horse while providing a mat that is easy to fit and use for the owner. Our EVA Diamond Mats offer an Easysweep surface solution making mucking out an easier task and the light weight to handle.

We suggest that the 24mm mats are suitable for ponies and horses up to 15hh, the 34mm mats for horses up to 16.2hh and the 44mm mats for horses bigger than this. The thicker the mats, the more comfort there will be.

Our Diamond EVA Mats are durable, but due to their lightweight nature can be damaged by studs, road nails or sharp spikes such as hay forks. All our EVA Diamond Mats come in a standard 3ft x 4ft (1.22 x 0.91m) mat size and have a raised disk bottom design to allow drainage in all directions.

We recommend that you mat the entire stable with these mats to prevent mats moving and sliding. Due to them being lightweight if large gaps are left or only half the stable is matted this leaves room for the mats to move/slide around underneath your horse and may cause injury.

To fit them you need to butt each mat against one another and trim them if necessary with a sharp Stanley knife.

The thickness measurement is taken from the bottom of the disk on the underside to the top pattern of the Diamond design of the bubble on the top side. Thicknesses may vary by up to 5% either way and the weight by up to 10% due to the makeup of the material.


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Features of our EVA Diamond Stable Mats include

Please note that these products are custom order items.

To order these horse mats, please call us on 0800 756 9670 or email