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Horse Mats Plus is committed to supplying you the correct stable mats for you and your horse, rather than supplying you with the product that makes us more profit or one that is in stock.
We offer a free consultation service via our free phone number 0800 756 9670.

Please see a description of the different stable flooring options and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each option below:


EVA Stable Mats, Comfort Mats, Diamond Mats and EasiMats

EVA Stable MatsOur EVA Stable Mats have become increasingly popular over the last few years. This is mainly due to them being lightweight and comfortable. They weigh around one quarter of a traditional 100% solid rubber mat. This makes them much easier to move, install and clean. EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) is a foam and rubber composite material which cannot collapse or go hard. The soft nature of the mats offer a much greater comfort level for horses and are ideal for horses with injuries. The mats also provide much better insulation to keep your horse as warm as possible. The EVA natural lifetime will be less that the heavy weight 100% solid rubber alternatives, but will still last well under normal equestrian use. EVA can be affected by heat and the mats may expand and contract in hot and cold environments. This is not a problem if at least a 10mm to 15mm expansion gap is left around the edge of your stable when fitting. The mats can be easily trimmed if the mats expand over time. EVA mats are not suitable for bonding and sealing.

It is also important to choose the correct thickness of EVA mat dependent on the size of your pony or horse.

We suggest that the 22mm, 24mm and 26mm mats are suitable for ponies and horses up to 15hh. The 34mm and 36mm mats up to 16.2hh and the 44mm mats for horses bigger than this. The thicker the mats, the more comfort there will be.

Please note: We also recommend horses or ponies that wear road nails or studs not to use EVA or Rubber Top EVA floor matting as the mats will be damaged by the studs and nails.

Rubber Top EVA Mats

Our Rubber Top EVA mats offer all the advantages of the EVA mats above, but with a harder wearing top surface.

The reinforced top of the mat is a harder rubber material, while the rest of the mat is the softer EVA material.

The Rubber Top EVA mats still have the same levels of comfort and only make the mats slightly heavier than the normal EVA mats.

These mats are a fantastic investment to get the best of both EVA and rubber materials in one product.
  Rubber topped mats


100% Rubber Stable Matting – Bubble Top or EasySweep

100% Rubber stable mattingYou may be more familiar with 100% Solid Rubber heavy weight stables mats. They have been available for many years. They are very heavy (weighing 42kgs per 6′ x 4′ 18mm mat) and are therefore extremely long lasting and durable. You could reasonably expect these horse mats to last 15 years under normal equestrian use. The downside of the mats being heavy weight is that they are hard to fit and move for cleaning. The 100% rubber stable mats will take 2 people to handle. The mats will stay in place very well once laid and are not susceptible to expansion or contraction.

We offer two different thicknesses in the solid rubber mats of which we advise the 12mm thickness for ponies and smaller horses and the 18mm thickness for horses 15.2hh+ although we do recommend the 18mm mat as the best option, as this will provide the maximum ware and insulation.

The solid rubber mats are also suitable for use with horses and ponies that wear road nails or studs.



Please see our fitting and care instructions by clicking here.


Please also view our affordable range of internal stable designs, external stable designs and our ebay shop for any horse stabling requirements you or a friend may have,