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HorseMatsPlus, The UK’s Leading Supplier of Horse Mats and Rubber Stable Mats

Stable Mats for Horses: Whether you require a lightweight self-install horse stable matting option, or a professionally fitted fully bonded and sealed stable flooring solution, we can provide you with advice and the most appropriate horse mat product for your needs. Please click on the product categories below to learn more about our different equine stable matting for horses and to see some of our fantastic special offers on horse mats.



We are one of the largest manufacturers & stable matting suppliers of horse and stable rubber matting in the UK

We aim to help horse owners and carers to provide increased comfort for your horse, whilst also reducing the effort and expense required to maintain your stable.

So, which horse mats are right for me? In general terms, there are two distinct types of mats – solid rubber stable mats and EVA horse mats. Solid rubber stable matting has been used for many years and are extremely hard wearing. They are however very heavy, which means they are harder to remove and replace for cleaning and they do not offer as much comfort as the more modern EVA mat alternative. The solid rubber stable mats can be bonded to the floor and sealed to provide a water tight floor surface which avoids the need to remove the mats at all.

Our EVA horse mats are a composite of foam and rubber and are therefore much lighter and more comfortable for your horse. The EVA Mats are easy to fit and are also easy to remove and replace for cleaning. The EVA Mats come in a variety of thicknesses and designs, depending upon the comfort you wish to provide and the size/weight of your horse. We also now have a rubber top EVA mat that combines the benefit of a harder wearing top surface, with comfort and weight of the EVA mats.